Krishna appeared in Vrindavan, India, 5 000 years ago. His transcendental appearance day, celebrated every year in August or September, is Krishna Janmashtami. Krishna Janmashtami is the grandest of all Vaishnava festivals. The celebration begins at 4.30 a.m withmangal-arati. The temple room is full of devotees anxious to have early darshanof the Lord on this special day and kirtan is especially enthusiastic. The greeting of the Deities takes place later than usual to allow the pujaris to decorate the Deity room and to dress Krishna more opulently and gorgeously in a new outfit usually embroidered in India.

All day, there are readings from the Krishna Book and bhajans in the temple room. In the kitchen, devotees prepare a big feast of at least 108 varieties of preparations to be offered to Krishna at midnight.

Nearly 50,000 devotees visit the temple this for taking the Darshan of their Lordships for Krishna Janmashtami.

Main evening programme is kirtan, bhajan, drama, dance, lecture and abhishek. Sometime a guest speaker is invited . Smaller tents host booths explaining our philosophy, presenting local projects, and selling sweets, savouries, books, CDs and cassettes, and other devotional paraphernalia. We also have booths for children and a big prasadam tent, serving a free hot meal to all our guests.

The grand abhishek (bathing the Deity with auspicious substances) and the midnight arati are highlights of the evening tent programme. Fasting is until midnight. Devotees break their fast with ekadasi prasadam and get ready for the next day, which is Srila Prabhupada’s Appearance day festival.

How to Celebrate Janmashtami at Home

But what if you don’t live near a temple? What if you can’t make it to a major celebration Does that mean you can’t observe Janmashtami? Of course not. It is our sincere devotion that pleases Krishna most, and this can be offered anywhere. So to help you feel more connected to the Lord and His devotees on this special day, here are’s tips on how to celebrate Janmashtami at home:

As you celebrate Janmashtami, remember that just as we enjoy the attention and fun on our birthday, so the Lord also enjoys our attention and gifts on His appearance day. The difference between us and Krishna is that He is able to reciprocate perfectly with each one of us. In the transcendental realm, everything that we offer to the Lord with love and devotion will benefit us unlimitedly, and those benefits will stay with us for eternity.