Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Guest House

The Krishna Balarama Guesthouse, which is right inside the temple premises, provides rooms at reasonable prices and is most convenient for those who want to attend the temple programs. The Govinda’s restaurant situated at the ground floor of the Guesthouse provides a convenient dining option as well, thus making it a great place to stay when you are visiting Vrindavan. The 24 hour Kirtan can often times be heard in the rooms as well and being inside the temple you are sure to have a very spiritual experience.

Phone: (0565) 2540021 ,+91-9634073197, +91-7300859828

Reservation Time: Monday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm IST


Prabhupada Ashram

Prabhupada Ashram was founded in 2018. The primary mission of this project is to offer a spiritually enlivening accommodation for devotees, individuals on pilgrimage, as well as travelers seeking deeper connection to the path of Bhakti Yoga.  We welcome you to come and experience our tranquil property located just outside of the hustle and bustle of Vrindavan. Prabhupada ashram is located just a brief 10 minute walk from ISKCON Vrindavan. The location offers the perfect combination of a peaceful but accessible reprieve. Ashram is accessible via Sunrakh Road making it accessible at all times by rickshaw as well as taxi. This road remains open during traditional closures of inner Vrindavan roads.
Ashram offers Single Rooms (three single beds) as well as Double Rooms (one double, one single bed). All rooms are newly renovated, Air conditioned, equipped with private bathrooms, and have access to free wifi. Retreat packages available upon request. 
We would love to have the opportunity to serve you and your guests in the truest sense of the Bhakti Yoga path. Feel free to reach out to us for availability as well as any questions you may have. 

Phone: 9557505411




Another wonderful place to stay is the MVT Guesthouse, situated approximately 100 meters away, behind the temple. The beautiful and comfortable rooms, the MVT restaurant and the beautiful garden and greenery gives great satisfaction to the mind and heart, thus making it one of the best places to stay in Vrindavan.

Mayapur Vrindavan Trust (MVT)
Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg,
Raman Reti, Vrindavan
281121 (U.P) INDIA

Phone: +91 999 773 8666


Dining Options

Govinda’s Resturant

Situated at the ground floor of the Krishna Balaram Guesthouse, the Govinda’s Restaurant offers various Indian and western dishes.

  • Breakfast 08:00 to 11:59am
  • Lunch 12:00 to 02:30pm
  • Dinner 06:00 to 09:15pm
    If you would like to come with a group of people and dine at our restaurant, please make an advanced reservation with us by giving us a call at – +91 7302223108
MVT Restaurant

The MVT Restaurant is a favourite rite of many visitors coming to Vrindavan. Although they offer all kinds of dishes, Indian and Western, they are particularly famous for their delicious western cuisine.

  • Breakfast 08:30 to 10:00am
  • Lunch 12:30 to 03:15pm
  • Dinner 06:30 to 9:15pm

Holy Dham Etiquette


1.     Rickshaws: Always fix the fare in advance. Never fight with the rickshaw driver. In case of dispute, get help from a local devotee. Brahmacharis must never ride with a woman. Women should never ride alone after dark.

2.     Temples: It is appropriate to give donations when visiting temples. If you are harassed by aggressive person or guides, ignore them or give a small donation and move on. Do not get into an argument with them.Photography is prohibited in many temples, so always inquire before taking a photo. Never wear shoes in a temple. Some temples do not even permit the wearing of socks. Do not carry your shoes into any temple, even in a bag.

3.     Dress Code: Women should wear a sari or culturally appropriate, chaste clothing. In this area of India, it is inappropriate for women to expose their legs. Women should wear sufficient clothing while bathing in the Yamuna River or any public place. Men should wear dhotis and kurtas.

4.     Moral Code and Behavior: We represent Srila Prabhupada. To preserve and protect the reputation of the temple and our movement, we humbly request men and women not to loosely associate with each other. Illicit relations are offensive in the dhama. Women especially should be on guard in dealings with local men.

5.     Intoxicants: Beware of anyone selling or offering drugs or other forms of intoxication. It is an offense to Guru and Vrindavan dham to use intoxicants here. Additionally, India has severe drug laws. Legal consequences of drug use include imprisonment and not being allowed to visit India again.


Be mindful when disposing of bottles, plastic bags, disposable diapers and other such trash. Throwing such non-decomposable waste in the dham results in dham aparadh, so please avoid such littering. Whenever possible, recycle. Use cloth bags when buying fruits and vegetables. Let us all collectively endeavor to keep Vrindavan clean.

Safety Tips

  • Do not allow strangers in your room.
  • Keep your room locked and whenever possible, use your own lock.
  • Keep your passport, money, flight tickets, jewellery, etc. locked.
  • Be careful of pickpockets when you are in a crowded place.
  • Do not leave your camera or belongings unattended.
  • Always drink bottled or reliably filtered water. Filtered water is available at our ISKCON temple. Recycle water bottles or dispose of them responsibly.
  • Be aware (and alert!) that the monkeys in Vrindavan are very mischievous. They steal glasses and mobile phones, even if you are in a rickshaw.
  • In the event of illness, contact a doctor immediately.
  • Do not bathe alone in the Yamuna River. Go with a group. Even if you are a good swimmer, do not venture into deep water.

Visitor Facility

Our Welcome center provides various facilities to the visiting devotees to make their stay in the dham and their travel to and from Vrindavan convenient and comfortable. Please visit us next to the Matchless Gift shop in the alleyway on Gaur Nitai’s side for any assistance or information.

Services provided by the Welcome Center:
  • Taxi Bookings
  • Train and Flight Tickets
  • Foreign Exchange (FOREX)
  • Braj Darshan
  • Guided Tours
  • General Enquiries
Opening Hours:
  • Monday to Sunday
  • 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.
  • 05:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m.
Contact Information:
  • +91 7895200703