Smart Temple in Smart City; An architectural marvel in Ancient, Sompura Style which will be fully marble and unique in whole of MP.The new temple is being constructed on 10,000 sq ft of 2.5 Acre land. This temple is being made out of solid white marbles slabs. The pillars and whole structure will be fully marble put together with an interlocking technique without the use of concrete and steel.

This is being built to last for more than 1000 years. The 20ft deep foundation full of solid black stones has been laid on which main deities will be placed. The marbles are being carved at Makrana, Rajasthan.This will be a “Green Temple” an Eco-friendly temple which will make use of Solar Panels for electricity requirements, food cooked on Bio-Gas, within campus waste treatment and recycling facilities which will produce manure from the waste. The Goushala will expand into bigger one fulfilling Temple requirements and producing ‘Pancha-Gavya products”.


This temple will have deities of Gaur-Nitai, Sri Sri Radha Govind and Jagannath, Baladeva, Subhadra. The main hall will be able to house in 2000 devotees at a time. It will have a 40 room guest-house and a residential space for 50 Brahmachari’s.The new Marble Temple is a dream project of His Grace Mahamana Das under whose direction and supervision this magnificent temple is shaping up. The new temple will attract many people from the city and outside of it to visit and provide a beautiful center for Krishna Consciousness.

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