Welcome to the Grand Celebration of Shri Krishna Janmashtami!

ISKCON Indore warmly invites you to join us in celebrating the divine appearance day of Lord Shri Krishna. Dive deep into the ocean of devotion, love, and transcendental bliss as we commemorate the birth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

The Srimad Bhagavatam (10th Canto) beautifully encapsulates the divine appearance of Lord Krishna in the prison cell of King Kamsa in Mathura. It wasn’t just a birth; it was a divine descent. The Lord, who resides in the spiritual realm of Vaikuntha, chose to manifest in the material world to fulfill various purposes:

  1. To Protect the Devotees: “Paritranaya sadhunam” – The Lord incarnates to protect His devotees from adversities.
  2. To Annihilate the Miscreants: “Vinasaya ca duskritam” – To rid the world of those who act against dharma.
  3. To Re-establish Dharma: “Dharma-samsthapanarthaya” – To re-establish principles of righteousness.
  4. To Bestow Transcendental Bliss: The Lord’s pastimes, leelas, and teachings provide an eternal source of joy and spiritual nourishment for souls.

On the auspicious day of Janmashtami, we not only celebrate the appearance of Lord Krishna but also the profound teachings and timeless wisdom He brought to this world.

As the midnight hour approached in the prison of Mathura, the entire universe rejoiced. The demigods played divine instruments, the Gandharvas sang, and the Apsaras danced in joy. At that divine moment, Lord Krishna appeared in His four-armed Vishnu form, adorned with the conch, disc, mace, and lotus. His appearance was not like that of an ordinary child; it was a transcendental event that signified the descent of the Supreme.

Vasudeva and Devaki, His earthly parents, were overwhelmed with emotion. They realized the child before them was none other than the Supreme Lord. They offered heartfelt prayers, expressing their awe, reverence, and love.

The Lord, in His infinite compassion, then transformed into a baby form, instructing Vasudeva to carry Him to Gokul, where He would be raised by Nanda Maharaja and Mother Yashoda. This switch was a divine play that showcased the Lord’s love for His devotees and His intricate plans to fulfill His divine purposes.

Join Us in Celebrating this Divine Descent

As we come together for the Janmashtami celebrations, let’s immerse ourselves in the profound wisdom of the Bhagavatam, relive the divine pastimes of Lord Krishna, and internalize the eternal teachings He bestowed upon humanity.

Event Highlights:

  1. Maha Abhishek: Witness the grand bathing ceremony of Lord Krishna with sacred ingredients, signifying the purification of the soul.
  2. Kirtan and Bhajans: Immerse yourself in the melodious chants and hymns glorifying Lord Krishna, led by our talented devotees.
  3. Dramatic Performances: Relive the pastimes of Lord Krishna through captivating dramas and dance performances.
  4. Midnight Aarti: Join us for the special aarti at midnight, the exact moment when Lord Krishna made His divine appearance in this world.
  5. Prasadam Feast: Savor the delicious and sanctified vegetarian feast prepared with love and devotion.


  • 6:00 PM: Kirtan and Bhajans
  • 7:00 PM: Sandhya Aarti 
  • 7:30 PM: Cultural Programs
  • 10:30 PM: Maha Abhishek
  • 12:30 AM: Prasadam Distribution

Special Attractions:

  • Exhibition: Explore the life and teachings of Lord Krishna through our interactive exhibition.
  • Book Stall: Dive deeper into the teachings of Lord Krishna with our collection of spiritual books.