Sri Krishna Janmashtami


The entire world celebrates the divine appearance of Lord Sri Krishna. At ISKCON Indore, the arrangements for the festival start well ahead. The entire temple is cleaned and painted. The temple hall is decorated with flowers and festoons. Numerous people are engaged in various services for the pleasure of Sri Krishna.

One of the specialties of Janmashtami is the offerings made to the Lord. The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna is offered 108 delicacies, prepared by the devotees with great care and attention. Additionally, several sweet prasadam items are distributed to all the visitors who throng the temple on this most auspicious day to have darshan of Krishna.

Various arrangements are made to take care of the necessities of the thousands of pilgrims who visit the temple on this day. The festival finally culminates into the grand ceremonial bathing of the Lord at the stroke of midnight. The utsava Deities of Sri Radha Krishnachandra are anointed with fragrant oils and are bathed with auspicious items like milk, yogurt, ghee, honey, sweet water, and fresh juices. They are then smeared with turmeric paste and bathed in Ganges water. Varieties of flowers are showered until the Deities are submerged in the soft bed of flowers.

There are several cultural programs thoughout the day including glorification of the divine pastimes of Lord Krishna. Mahaprasadam is distributed to all at the end.