Devotee Kitchen

Krishna Prasad is one of the most powerful purifiers in this age of Kali and Srila Prabhupad placed great stress on prasadam distribution, personally cooking and serving the visitors to the temple in the west. By eating Sri Krishna’s Mahaprasad, our hearts get purified and devotion to the Lord can then enter the heart.

The devotee kitchen in the Krishna Balaram Mandir serves delicious and nutritious Krishna Prasad to hundreds of people daily. Starting from early in the morning, they first prepare a delicious breakfast and then immediately thereafter they start preparing the Lunch Prasad. This Prasad is available free of cost for all devotees and visitors during the month of Kartik and at a very low price during the rest of the year. All those who desire to sponsor Prasad for the devotees during Kartik or any other time of the year may do so and reap the immense benefit of Vaishnav seva.