The glories of someone connected to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna can never be overstated, what to speak then of the tremendous glory of mother cow, who is personally taken care of by Sri Krishna. Being famous by the names of Govind and Gopal, and residing in Gokul as a cowherd boy, he personally takes them for grazing, milks them, embraces them, decorates them, worships them, drinks their milk with great relish and looks after them in all respects. As an infant, after Sri Krishna was attacked by various ferocious demons like putana, shakatasura, trinavrata and other such demons, at that time, the elderly gopis of vraja and mother Yashoda would waive the tail of a cow over his head in order to ward of all inauspiciousness.

Also, during the Abhishek of the deities in the temple and for other auspicious ceremonies, the shastras have enjoined the use of cow dung and cow urine, as their spiritual, medical and purifying qualities are greatly beneficial. It has also been stated in the Valmiki Ramayan that Happiness is never separated from a person with a cow, and it is indeed true, for by serving the cows, who are so very dear to Shyamsundar, one is sure to receive his mercy and favour, and all good fortune awaits such a person. Sitting in the association of the cows, one immediately feels tranquillity spread throughout one’s mind and one may, with the mercy of the cows, spontaneously be reminded about Sri Krishna and his transcendental pastimes with his dear cows. The importance of Cows and rendering service to them has been extolled in all the Vedas and it is without doubt the duty and responsibility of every single person to render service to the cows. In this age of Kali, when keeping cows at home may not be practical due to various reasons, one may serve the cows in the goshala by personally going there and serving them or by helping in maintaining the goshala. These services rendered for the pleasure of mother cow shall never go unseen by Sri Govinda and it is guaranteed that he shall bestow his mercy upon one who renders any sort of service to his beloved cows. We therefore invite all enthusiastic people devoted to the service of the cows to contribute towards the loving care and affection being given to the cows in the Goshala of the Krishna Balaram Mandir in Sridham Vrindavan, the very abode where Sri Krishna eternally engages in taking care of his cows.

In Iskcon Vrindavan Goshala, the cows are provided with ample grass, jaggery and other eatables that are to their liking; having sufficient space, they roam about freely and, when approached by outsiders, they gently accept their offerings and affection, as they are accustomed to being taken care of with love and affection and are therefore very gentle. Taking care of the cows in this way is truly bliss giving and arouses one’s good fortune. Therefore, join-in in this beautiful service and experience the bliss yourself.