The significance of anyone connected to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, is immeasurable. This is especially true for the revered mother cow, who receives personal care from Sri Krishna Himself. Known by names such as Govind and Gopal, Krishna, in His role as a cowherd boy in Gokul, personally grazes, milks, embraces, decorates, and worships the cows. He relishes their milk and ensures their well-being in every possible way.

In Krishna’s infancy, after He was attacked by various malevolent demons like Putana, Shakatasura, and Trinavarta, the elder Gopis of Vraja and mother Yashoda would wave a cow’s tail over His head to ward off all inauspiciousness.

For temple deity Abhishek and other auspicious ceremonies, the scriptures recommend the use of cow dung and cow urine due to their spiritual, medicinal, and purifying qualities. The Valmiki Ramayan states that happiness is inseparable from a person who owns a cow. Indeed, serving cows, who are so dear to Govindaji, brings His mercy and favor, along with abundant good fortune. The mere presence of cows instills tranquility and may even inspire thoughts of Sri Krishna and His divine pastimes with His beloved cows.

The Vedas extol the importance of cows and the service rendered to them. In today’s age, when keeping cows at home may not be practical, one can still serve them by visiting and supporting the Goshala. Any service offered to these sacred animals does not go unnoticed by Sri Govinda. He is sure to bestow His mercy upon those who serve His beloved cows.

We invite all who are enthusiastic about cow service to contribute to the loving care provided to the cows at ISKCON Indore’s Goshala.