Holy Dham Etiquette


1.     Rickshaws: Always fix the fare in advance. Never fight with the rickshaw driver. In case of dispute, get help from a local devotee. Brahmacharis must never ride with a woman. Women should never ride alone after dark.

2.     Temples: It is appropriate to give donations when visiting temples. If you are harassed by aggressive person or guides, ignore them or give a small donation and move on. Do not get into an argument with them.Photography is prohibited in many temples, so always inquire before taking a photo. Never wear shoes in a temple. Some temples do not even permit the wearing of socks. Do not carry your shoes into any temple, even in a bag.

3.     Dress Code: Women should wear a sari or culturally appropriate, chaste clothing. In this area of India, it is inappropriate for women to expose their legs. Women should wear sufficient clothing while bathing in the Yamuna River or any public place. Men should wear dhotis and kurtas.

4.     Moral Code and Behavior: We represent Srila Prabhupada. To preserve and protect the reputation of the temple and our movement, we humbly request men and women not to loosely associate with each other. Illicit relations are offensive in the dhama. Women especially should be on guard in dealings with local men.

5.     Intoxicants: Beware of anyone selling or offering drugs or other forms of intoxication. It is an offense to Guru and Vrindavan dham to use intoxicants here. Additionally, India has severe drug laws. Legal consequences of drug use include imprisonment and not being allowed to visit India again.


Be mindful when disposing of bottles, plastic bags, disposable diapers and other such trash. Throwing such non-decomposable waste in the dham results in dham aparadh, so please avoid such littering. Whenever possible, recycle. Use cloth bags when buying fruits and vegetables. Let us all collectively endeavor to keep Vrindavan clean.