Braja Nitya Sevak

patram puspam phala toyam, you me bhaktya prayacchati,
tad aham bhaktya upahartam, ashnami prayatatmanah!!

If one offers , Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, I will accept it ( Bhagavad Geeta 9.26)

In treta yuga, the Supreme Personality of Godhead equally accepted services of Hanuman ji and a squirrel, and in dwapar yuga from Arjuna and Sudama, in kali yuga king Prataprudra and Sridhar Kolavecha. Similarly we can serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead according to our capacity and be His dear servant of servant by following the footstep of great devotees like the Squirrel, Sudama and Sridhar kolavecha. We can become the beautiful fragrant honey flowers of Sri Sri Radha Shyamsunder by offering Them sweetest honey like devotion from our heart, by becoming BRAJA NITYA SEVAK and offer donation every month according to our capacity.

You may start by donating to ISKCON Andhra bank ( now union bank) account no 188510100029826 IFSC- ANDB0001885 MICR-281011102 and mentioning donation for BRAJA NITYA SEVAK, then we will send you ECS and one more form along with buisness reply. You just have to fill it up and keep photo copy of forms for your record before you send it to us and then relax. In this way you can fill the honey pots Of Sri Sri Krsna Balram, Radha Shyamsunder and Gaur Nitai. And if you want more forms to increase the sweet,fragrant honey flowers, just give us call . Thank you very much.


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