Community Service Centre

Care, Communication, Co-operation and Collaboration are the main objectives of the community service center and the devotees serving in this department, in order to fulfil the objectives of our beloved founder Acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, the Guru Parampara and Lord Chaitanya, endeavor to create and offer programs and facilities that promote ongoing advancement in:

  • Devotional Service
  • Healthy loving sadhu-satsang
  • Well-being of our Krishna Balarama Family

ISKCON Vrindavan’s First Community Service Center 

Originally conceived by the Vrindavan Temple President, Pancagauda Prabhu and his wife, Gaura Purnima devi dasi, the project quickly became the nurtured baby of Iskcon’s Senior Vaishnava Women. Dedicated to serving Srila Prabhupada, these devotees met time and again to brainstorm the project that opened its doors on September 13, 2013, the glorious appearance day of Srimati Radharani, Sri Radhastami.

Kusha Devi Dasi, a Prabhupada disciple from Hawaii, was spearheading the project by becoming its first director. For more than six years she dedicatedly nurtured, managed and directed the Center in so many valuable ways with her sparkling personality and anxiously served the devotees. Thereafter, Kamala devi dasi took up most of the responsibilities as Kusha devi dasi was given other services and responsibilities back in Hawaii.

The Community service center offers the following information for the benefit of all the resident and visiting devotees:

  • Iskcon Vrindavan Handbook
  • Local Guesthouses, rates and contact info
  • Thali Report, which tells you where to get a good meal, the cost and the timings
  • Yellow pages –  Directory of Goods and Services
  • Available Doctors list in our Krishna Balaram Clinic & Medical Services List in our Area
  • Dying in Vrindavan- sample legal documents in English & Russian
  • Taxi, Motor Rickshaw and Pedal Rickshaw Rate Guide
  • A Current Map of ISKCON Vrindavan Campus
  • A Simple Map of Vrindavan
  • Current Yatras in English and Russian
  • Matrimonial assistance
  • Mediation, Negotiating, Mentoring and Counselling

The above mentioned information is also available on Iskcon Vrindavan Community Service- Group & Page

Other services offered by the department are:

  • Seva Suggestion, Complaint and Incident Reporting
  • Travel Tips
  • Tulasi Arotik: in the Balaram Hall (to get on the schedule for leading kirtan and doing tulasi arotik contact- Visakha devi dasi +91 9027772918
  • Vaisnavi  Sanga: Ladies regularly getting together – Mahadevi dasi
  • Welcome Home to Vrindavan: Getting to know you, getting to know us. Matching your talents with joyful seva. Get to know the service departments to see where to perform joyful devotional service.
  • Yellow Pages: Directory of Goods and Services

The current team of the Community service centre and their various roles and responsibilities:

  • Administration: Kamala devi dasi, Karunamayi devi dasi
  • Aesthetic Efficiency Guild: Gaur Purnima devi dasi
  • Bhaktin Mentoring: Anuradha devi dasi (Australian)
  • Book Keeping: Kamala devi dasi
  • Bulletin Boards: Devotee &  Classifieds- Karunamayi devi dasi
  • Daily Announcements: Kamala devi dasi
  • Clean and Green Environment: To make ISKCON Vrindavan a green facility: Gaura Purnima devi dasi
  • Russian Community Service:  Kalyani devi dasi  +91 839505136, Padmavati devi dasi +91 9837993747
  • Seminar Event Coordinator: Kamala devi dasi +91 9557604293