Gomata Products

Since time immemorial, following the rich and ancient vedic culture that we have been blessed with, Cows have always been respectfully and lovingly addressed as Mother, because of the fact that we all drink their nutritious milk through-out our lives and gain much strength and good health due to it. The curd, butter, ghee and other milk products that are made from the milk of the cows are used to prepare various delicious food stuffs that are offered to the Lords and each one of these milk products have numerous health benefits as well. The glories of the cows and their milk is unlimited, but did you know that the urine and dung of the cows is also greatly beneficial for health and is also used in the worship of the Lord?

It is indeed a fact that Cow urine is as healthy and pure as cow milk. Unlike the urine of any other species, the urine of cows is considered to be pure and has countless health benefits. The ancient system of Ayurveda extensively uses cow urine as an ingredient in its various recipes as Cow urine is a divine medicine and is used for treatment of diseases ranging from diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, and blockage in the arteries to cancer, piles, arthritis and many other ailments. In the worship of the deities also, cow urine is used during abhishek and also for purifying substances.

Realizing the great benefits of Cow Urine, Gomata Products, which is a government approved provider, produces various goods with cow urine and dung, following the recipes provided by an Ayurvedic specialist. They make medicines, balms, soaps, face packs and so forth using cow urine and dung along with other natural and beneficial ingredients.

The users of Gomata products have been very satisfied with the products offered. If you would like to try out some of these amazing products, then please visit the Gomata Products shop in the Bhaktivedanta Goshala.